Monday, April 13, 2009

The end.

Well, he's gone. We had a nice drive to St. Louis. 

While listening to Paul Simon, he turned it up and said, "This almost makes me wish I had rhythm." We also listened to a Mitch Hedberg stand-up CD. He enjoyed that as well. 

Driving past a bus stop on Western Ave...
Dad: She must be a detective.
Me: That one in the leather jacket?
Dad: Yeah. She's wearing heels. All the female detectives on TV wear heels.  

When we got to St. Louis, we went to O'Connell's to eat. I have to say this way the perfect ending to our 10  months together. Sitting in a big wooden booth at my favorite bar in  St. Louis, drinking beer and eating burgers with my dad.

Now, I think I may have to start a blog about all the crazy shit my mom says to me on the phone. She had a great line this weekend. 

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